Relationship Café began in 2008 providing relationship assessment and education services.  In 2011, the Healthy Relationships Conference was held, bringing attendees together from around the world to learn skills for making healthy relationship choices. In 2014, the Redlands, California office was opened and counseling services were added to our menu of services.


At Relationship Café, we focus on helping people enhance their relationships in a caring and friendly environment.  We believe that relationships are not limited to dating or romance, but include family, workplace, and more.  People are not born with the ability to navigate all of these relationships in a healthy manner.  Similar to learning the things necessary to maintain physical health, one can learn skills for maintaining a healthy relational lifestyle. Let us guide you on this journey.

Community Involvement

One of the primary initiatives of Relationship Café is to provide services for low income and underserved members of the community through specialized services and community based collaborative efforts. With this in mind we have partnered with the organizations listed below:

Riverside Community Health Foundation – Riverside Community Diabetes Collaborative

Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative

Redlands ROP – Operation Money

San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health

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