Stop The Madness

Our daily lives become cluttered with responsibilities, things we say yes to that are added to an already full plate. We’re caring, helpful and giving and too often feel guilty when trying to set boundaries in our relationships. It’s as if our lives are not entirely our own. The question is, how do we manage it all? The easy answer is – we learn how and when to say yes and no. Sounds simple, but many don’t know how to Stop The Madness.

Balancing Act

In life, we wear many hats: woman, man, wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, household manager, and even employee. How do we balance all of this and manage to be successful? This has been the age-old question.

Join us as we explore this topic in Balancing Act, a two-hour workshop.


10 Great Dates to Energize Your Marriage

Remember back to your dating days—the excitement you felt? Now you can reclaim that same spark, connection, and creativity in your marriage through ten intentional, memory-making dates.

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This proven approach to relationship growth is low-key, purposeful, effective, easy, and fun , and will help you:

  • Communicate better
  • Put the sizzle back in sex
  • Process anger and resolve conflicts
  • Develop spiritual intimacy
  • Appreciate your differences
  • Balance busy lifestyles

And much more!

Join our group and learn how to reconnect.  You probably already know 5-6 couples who could benefit from time-out to build their marriage and enrich their relationship with 10 Great Dates. Bring them along and learn together.


Essential Disciplines: Attention Parents!  Did your teen start high school this year?  Is he/she a sophomore?  Junior?  Senior?  There are many challenges that teens in high school face.  They are dealing with developing self image, managing peer pressure, and making decisions about their future.  We are offering a class that will prepare teens for the future by teaching them how to interact effectively with peers and authority figures, while helping them identify their future goals.

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Teens will be guided through developing their core values while learning the following essential life disciplines:

  • Character & Commitment – Be Your Best
  • Communication – Understand and Be Understood
  • Conflict Resolution – Transform The Negative
  • Continual Improvement – Cultivate The Positive
  • Calling, Passion, Purpose – Create Your Future

Classes forming soon. Stay tuned on our events page.

If you would like for us to bring this class to your group or organization, use the contact form and let us know.  We are available to do classes at your location.


Why are you single?  Are you tired of being asked that question?  Not all singles are searching for a partner or have a strong desire to be in a couple relationship.  Some are trying to find out more about this thing called a relationship while trying to find out more about themselves.  There are also those who are searching and finding it difficult to connect with that special someone.

We offer classes that focus on helping single individuals clarify their goals in life and teach them how to make relationship decisions that fit their goals.  If you are interested in finding out more, take a look at the courses offered below.

Check our Scheduled Events for classes starting soon.

Emotions & Dating

This innovative, research-based curriculum helps teens and young adults understand the challenges that arise in early relationships, develop healthy dating practices, self-regulate intense emotions and cultivate life skills.  Engaging, interactive, ready-to-teach lessons show teens:  how positive relationships develop, effective ways to communicate, how to spot destructive patterns, to deal with emotions, and other essential healthy interpersonal skills. Content also integrates material from the highly-respected PREP ® program. This 17-lesson course helps teens understand early relationships – and helps establish a strong foundation for later life.

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  • Getting Ready: What’s Dating About–Things to Know–How to Ask, Accept, Decline
  • Going Out: Why Am I Dating? –Loneliness –How Relationships Grow–Problem Personalities–Abuse –Anger and Jealousy
  • Defining the Relationship: It’s Not Working– Ending It

Starting Over The updated Dating & Emotions offers even more benefits:
New content, including PREP ® concepts such as relationship guidelines, myths, expectations, and harmful language.

Relationships & Marriage

This course helps one clarify what you may be searching for in a mate.

One of the most effective nationally evaluated relationship and marriage programs for teens, this creative, ready-to-teach program helps young adults learn to create and sustain healthy, meaningful relationships.  The skill-based course covers:  building on individual strengths, how family experiences shape relationship expectations, developing positive conflict resolution strategies, setting life goals, improving communication patterns, love, commitment, and marriage.  The program includes the popular Marriage Game that is a big favorite with boys and girls alike! Material from the highly-respected PREP ® trainings is also included.

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Selected Contents:

  • Personality: Self-understanding – Life Plans
  • Relationships: Attractions -Dating – Emotions- Expectations -Breaking up
  • Communications: Family patterns – Conflicts -Danger signs-Talking- Listening
  • Marriage: – Love-Commitment-Living Together-Deciding to marry – Forgiveness

* Although this course was originally designed for teens, it has been adapted and used to teach adults the same principles.

Mastering the Mysteries of Love (MML)

Mastering the Mysteries of Love: A Relationship Enhancement® Program for Couples is a 16 hour relationship skills program for couples who are married, engaged, or seriously dating.

Mastering the Mysteries of Love RE was created specifically to teach couples in stable relationships how to use the RE skills to deepen their love by forming new habits while solving current communication difficulties.

This program uses ordinary words and step-by-step directions to teach the 10 RE skills.

Relationship Enhancement® Programs give couples experiences in deep intimacy-even in the heart of conflict-while teaching them tools to make problem solutions LAST. During the program couples work through issues via extended couple dialogues. At the end of the course they have worked out 3-4 problems and have learned how to put and keep honesty, compassion, empathy, and trust in their relationship.

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The Relationship Enhancement® Program was developed by Dr. Bernard Guerney, Jr. and his colleagues at Pennsylvania State University. It has almost 40 years of research behind it with 27 studies of effectiveness. It has been shown to be effective even when there are serious problems, such as infidelity, chemical dependency, or mental illness. Repeated research studies show RE is effective both immediately and over time at changing how couples communicate and at increasing satisfaction with the relationship.

Weekly Session or Day-long Format

This program will be offered as 8 evening sessions, as a One Day Program plus 4 evening sessions, or as a Two Day program.  Please check our calendar for the one that fits your schedule best.


MML programs teach relationship skills based on core values of honesty and compassion. As a skills program, rather than a program based on content, MML is easily adaptable to various cultures and ethnicities. Long used in the African-American community, MML is now also actively used in the Latino and Korean communities, several Native-American communities, and a dozen or so refugee communities (through a US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants project). IDEALS welcomes inquiries from other cultures and languages about working together to develop materials and programs sensitive to cultural needs.

The 10 RE Skills Presented in This Program

Showing Understanding, Expression, Discussion, Coaching, Conflict Management, Problem Solving, Self-Change, Helping Others Change, Generalization, Maintenance,

Core RE Values


All classes may be taught on location per request.