Counseling Services

Provided in a caring and friendly environment where you can relax and explore your concerns.


  • There are times in life when challenges may become overwhelming. Talking them through and exploring options can bring about clarity and provide direction.


  • Do you desire your relationship to be different than it is right now but not sure how to make that happen? Counseling can help you clarify your relationship goals while providing you with tools for reaching those goals.

    • Services available include:


  • One change within a family system can have an impact on the entire family. We work with families to increase connection, communication, and cohesion.


Many challenges that individuals face are either impacted by or impact the relationships in their lives which include family, friendships, workplace, and more.  At Relationship Café, we explore each case from a relational perspective to ________________  In addition to mental health counseling, we specialize in counseling for relationships, grief, physical illness related concerns.


For those who desire to grow as single individuals, dating or preparing for marriage, married and seeking oneness, or moving forward after a breakup/divorce, tools are available to assist you in identifying and reaching your personal goals.


The loss of a loved one can leave many unresolved feelings. In this group, we explore the past and work together to build a new future that honors the memory of the loved one while allowing room for new life experiences.


Physical Illness

Living with chronic illness can present challenges that may add to the stress of receiving the diagnosis. Family members may also have to adapt to effects on their daily routine (doctor visits, medication regimens, dietary restrictions, etc.). Counseling provided is focused on alleviating the emotional and relational impacts of physical illness.

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